XO Moreau

Brand Identity / editorial / Print / DIGITAL

XO Moreau is an exclusive, full-service wedding planner and disruptor of the industry – redefining what luxury, style, and expectation for what modern matrimony looks like. They believe weddings are supposed to be parties and are on a mission to throw one unlike any other – creating beautifully unconventional experiences that are as epically unique as the love story they are celebrating.


Create an identity that captures their edgy style and fearless attitude while reflecting their chic, Vogue-worthy events and solutions.


With extensive experience in the industry, founder Alex Moreau, a motorcycle enthusiast, bulldog-mom of two, and self proclaimed “grab-life-by-the-balls kind of girl,” noticed a sea of the same tired ideas and trends when it comes to weddings. Alex is on a mission to go against the grain and deliver imaginative, out-of-the-box wedding experiences that are memorable for both their couples and their guests.

Coco Chanel

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

XO Moreau is known for their fierce style, relaxed personality, avant-garde approach, and superior execution – ultimately ensuring everyone has a good time from planning to partying.

To capture their offbeat blend of edge and elegance, we created a dynamic brand identity that marries refined visuals with bold, disruptive touches.

To establish a narrative anchored in quality and cutting-edge luxury, we drew inspiration from high-fashion and editorial design – focusing on elevating the brand through premium, sleek typography. 

Disruptive, hand-written type accents paired with custom illustrations inspired by Alex's bulldogs and Harley-Davidson add a playful, defying flair.

XO Moreau is all about unmatched quality, unforgettable celebrations, and undying love. By weaving their values and approach, we were able to amplify their unique character and compliment their luxury services – creating a strong visual embodiment of the beautifully unique juxtaposition that is XO Moreau.

Brand Photography by T and V Photography
Brand Videography by Hereafter Films


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