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Mahina + Soul is a premium CA-based floral design studio with a heart for creating personalized experiences that capture each client's unique spirit and bond. From little sentiments of adoration to big moments of celebration, they believe florals are a way to embody the special connection between two soulmates – for soulful design is a universal love language.


Create a brand identity and digital home that captures their uplifting spirit, elevated design approach, and the enduring connection their unconventional floral solutions represent.


Whether they are creating a personal gifting experience or celebrating a couple on their wedding day, Mahina + Soul believes florals are a way to honor enduring connection.

To create a visual narrative that reflects their timeless style and the eternal nature of their clients' love, we seamlessly connected their initials to form an infinity symbol – resulting in an elegant, minimal mark that not only represents their approach and beliefs, but can grow with them as they expand their services.

We were deeply inspired by Mahina + Soul's design approach of marrying classic elements with modern, whimsical touches and wanted to emulate that within their brand story. 

Romantic calligraphy found on traditional wedding collateral paired with modern typography and a lively, fresh color palette sets the stage for an intimate yet whimsical visual experience.

While working with the founders and best friends, Ashley and Emily, we were immediately influenced by their warm, welcoming dynamic and relaxed, eccentric personality. Our goal was to encapsulate their positive, uplifting character in an authentic, artistic way – creating a visual narrative that captured the true spirit of Mahina + Soul.

Creating a digital home for Mahina + Soul meant reflecting the caliber of their floral work and highlighting their unconventional, artistic style.

We focused heavily on taking the user on a visual journey – from introductions, understanding Mahina + Soul’s unique voice, values, and experience to create a strategic tool that ultimately builds trust and converts. We kept the design light, elevated, and fresh to reflect their whimsical yet refined approach – resulting in an intuitive and uplifting interactive experience.

Brand Photography by Fíor Fine Photo



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