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Maha Studios is a luxury Chicago-based photo and film studio that beautifully captures the rich traditions and special moments alike of South Asian and multicultural weddings. Founded in 2010, Maha understands the nuances and fleeting moments that complete the story of each couple's wedding day and works to create lasting imagery that celebrates their vibrant culture and special connection.


Create an artistic visual identity that marries the rich history and style of South Asian culture with modern luxury and romance.


In Hindi, the word "maha" means to be grand, great, and illustrious – reflecting the regality, grandiosity, and celebratory nature of South Asian weddings. Typically lasting several days and incorporating multiple rituals and customs, the weddings Maha captures are highly sophisticated, significant, and beautifully intricate. 

It was important that we highlight and honor the culture in an artistic way, which meant creating something that felt handmade, decadent, and precious. 

Drawing inspiration from traditional decorative patterns found in South Asian architecture, textiles, and bridal fabrics, we hand-illustrated an intricate blossoming lotus that felt artistic and romantic.

The lotus, a flower revered for its beauty, is regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, connection, passion, and rebirth – creating a beautiful parallel between the sanctity of marriage and transformation of two beings becoming one.

To create a modern, sophisticated presence, we went with a soft palette, including muted blush and rose tones inspired by the signature auspicious red palette prominently featured in Indian weddings.

Combining the diverse illustrative patterns with a soft, warm color palette and sophisticated typography created a synergetic balance between modernism and tradition.

Our vision was to construct a brand that leant to the unique intricacies and extravagance of traditional South Asian design with contemporary luxuries – providing an authentic and timeless experience that reflects the couples' and families strong values, refined taste, and beautiful heritage.


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