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Artonomi is a contemporary LA-based medspa dedicated to creating harmony between artistry and medicine by using modern technological advances in cosmetic medicine paired with artistic skill. Started by two sisters, Nare and Tatevik, their wholesome approach helps restore facial balance by delivering natural results and letting beauty radiate from the inside out through a newfound sense of confidence.


Create a visual identity and brand story that felt natural, artistic, and modern to reflect their holistic practices, unique creative approach, and luxury services.


Artonomi, a name in which derived from the fusion of "art" and "anatomy," set the stage for a narrative rooted in both artistry and science. When conceptualizing the creative direction, we drew inspiration from the golden ratio, creating a natural embodiment of the intersection between mathematical concept and pleasing aesthetics.

We created a seemingly simplistic icon inspired by a stylized golden ratio to create a recognizable "a." The juxtaposition between circular and square linework represents not only their unique approach of fusing art and medicine, but the balance between delivering natural results that celebrate individuality and medical enhancement.

To compliment their wholesome approach and aspirations to create a peaceful, sanctuary-like experience for their patients, we included elemental imagery that features natural textures and landscapes to create an organic, earthy influence as well a sophisticated sense of ambiguity.

During our creative kickoff, Nare and Tatevik expressed their minimal, elemental style and vision to create a holistic, harmonious atmosphere that married nature, luxury, and modern expression. We made sure to keep the interior vision in mind throughout the design process which resulted in a balanced, serene, and artistic visual identity and elevated yet welcoming client experience.


Made is a mindful beauty and lifestyle brand with a passion for cultivating conscious products to support an effortlessly intentional way of life.

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