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Cloth & Wool is a premium vintage rug studio that curates beautifully handmade products rooted in endurance and elegance. Born out of a passion for quality and artistry, their vintage products work to create interior narratives that are a celebration of past, present, and future – forging timeless design for the modern home.


Create a timeless visual identity and packaging experience that embodied the artistic character and quality of the products themselves.


Creating an identity for Cloth & Wool meant combining the history of textile artistry and modern luxury. Infusing soul throughout the branding, we developed a style that took inspiration from Persian and Turkish rugs, creating a brand that reflects each product’s weathered yet refined character.


Real luxury is a balance between quality and the affection you feel for an object that cannot be easily replicated.

Each of the antique and vintage rugs range between 50–100+ years of age, bringing timeless design into the modern home. We wanted to reflect that marriage between past and present in the visual identity and did so through imperfectly weathered linework, layered textural elements, and modern typographic compositions.

The primary icon is an abstract “W” turned modern floral element blossoming to represent the idea of renewal and breathing new life into vintage products. When brought together, the primary icon creates dynamic, intricate patterns meant to resemble those that could be found on the products themselves.

Cloth & Wool’s goal is to create a bridge between old and new by celebrating the past, present, future of design and life. Our approach was to fold these ideals in the visuals, messaging, and experience, resulting in a brand that is soulful, refined, artistic, and enduring – a true embodiment of their products and their mission.


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